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    • Travel letter
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    • Voluntary benefit: Guardian Flight
  • Site specific info for employees working at a Hilcorp, ConocoPhillips, Oil Search, BP, and Eni sites

All Employees: Addendum to AES Quarantine Plan

In response to address State of Alaska’s (SOA) Health Mandate #10, ASRC Energy Services and Subsidiaries (AES), implemented a proactive 14-day quarantine process on March 25, 2020, for personnel who were outside the State of Alaska within 14 days of their travel to Alaska. This proactive process was included in our AES COVID-19 Pandemic Action Plan submitted to the State of Alaska on March 24, 2020, which meets or exceeds CDC and State of Alaska guidance for critical infrastructure workers. The following Protective Period Plan includes all protective measures required and defined by the SOA as “working while in quarantine.”

For employees working at COPA site, please refer to the AES COPA Protective Period Plan:

For employees working at an Eni site, please refer to the Eni Protective Period Plan and the Eni section further down this page:

Quarantine Information and Accommodations: click here

Pre-Screening for All Field Employees:

Please note that our clients recommend arriving 2.5 to 3 hours before your scheduled departure time to complete the required screening.  

Most of our clients, including ConocoPhillips, BP, Exxon, and Eni, have implemented pre-screening procedures before employees may board their flights.  Our clients have hired a third party medical provider to ask employees questions about recent travel and illness that could be attributed to COVID-19, and employees will have their temperature taken with a no-touch, forehead thermometer. 

Please note that the following people will be denied boarding:

  • Employees who have traveled within the last 14-days to any CDC high risk location (See CDC’s Traveler’s Health Notices).
  • Employees in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 or if there is reason to suspect they are a possible COVID-19 case.
  • Employees with any signs of communicable illness (examples, cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, or breathing difficulties). 

If any of these circumstances apply to you, please contact your supervisor or HR Employee Relations at or (907) 334-1688 and press option 1 to speak to a live representative. If all representatives are busy, please leave a message so they can return your call.

All employees, please print then carry the following travel letter with you during your commute to the North Slope:

Voluntary Benefit

Employees working at a Hilcorp location:

Employees working at a ConocoPhillips site (Alpine, Kuparuk or GMT2):

Conoco Aviation Update

Travel Update: ConocoPhillips Global Aviation operations will transition to Ted Stevens International Airport. This includes all Boeing and Q400 flights. Aircraft operations will no longer be conducted at the Aviation hangar starting June 15. Download this document to read more:

Fly in and fly out will continue at the ConocoPhillips Alaska Aviation Hangar located at 6601 South Airpark Place, Anchorage, AK, 99502. Please remember that personal vehicle parking is not allowed at the hangar. 

Transportation to and from the airport and Captain Cook hotel will be provided starting Tuesday, March 31. Details are provided in the attachments and on the Shared Services website and on the Alaska Coronavirus Resource Site.

This new schedule is in effect.

Conoco travel requirements:

Temperature Monitoring

To our High Risk Employees Supporting ConocoPhillips at Alpine or Kuparuk: ConocoPhillips has requested that all of their contractors’ high risk employees check their temperature twice daily (morning and evening) while at work.  You may use your own thermometer, or you may get one from the Kuparuk or Alpine clinic.  Please bring your thermometer with you each time you go to the slope.  Detailed instructions are provided in the attached handouts.  Please maintain the log every day and make it available upon request. Please note that if you undergo a random temperature check in the dining facility or spike room, you may use that as one of the required daily checks.     Thank you for your cooperation.  We know this is another inconvenience during a challenging time.  We appreciate everything you do to help keep employees safe and oil flowing through the pipeline. 

Travel Requirements

This plan does not apply to personnel who have remained in Alaska for the immediately preceding 14 days prior to travel and conducted intrastate travel. It will remain in effect until AES Management and the COPA Crisis Management Team (CMT) determines it is no longer necessary based on consideration of federal, state, and local mandates, as well as an analysis of COPA business operations.

Requirements for those traveling to AK:

  • a. Personnel travelling to a COPA-operated field on the North Slope from outside Alaska are required to move directly to their destination and follow the plan as detailed here to comply with Health Mandate #10 and COPA’s .
  • b. If necessary, personnel traveling to Alaska may overnight in Anchorage before traveling to the North Slope. However, personnel must comply with the quarantine requirements of Health Mandate 10 while in Anchorage and must travel directly from the airport to the hotel with no stops in between and must travel directly back to the airportfrom the hotel the next day with no stops.
  • c. Personnel may be required to complete a SOA Travel Declaration Form upon arriving in Alaska. As this plan does not call for a quarantine, if the form requires a “quarantine address” COPA and AES personnel will enter ConocoPhillips Alaska: Alpine or ConocoPhillips Alaska: Kuparuk, as applicable. If overnighting at a hotel in Anchorage before traveling to the North Slope, this hotel is not to be listed as a quarantine location.
  • d. AES may reinstitute Anchorage based quarantine in the future
  • e. Personnel travelling from outside Alaska will be subject to the additional protective measures outlined in this document for the flight from Anchorage to the North Slope destination and for the first 14 days on the North Slope. Personnel who leave Alaska after their hitch will be required to follow these protective measures again the next time they arrive in Alaska.

Requirements for those completing a 14-day protective period at Alpine or Kuparuk:

a. Maintain social distancing (6’ minimum) and utilize facial coverings appropriately (as described in the COPA Face Covering Procedure):

  • In public spaces: Always wear a facial covering and maintain social distancing
  • At work: Maintain social distancing to the greatest extent possible, recognizing some tasks do not allow for it. Incorporate social distancing into pre-job planning with team members (i.e., area wipe downs, body positioning, job sequencing, etc.)

b. Utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required. At a minimum, disposable gloves and a facial covering must be worn in locations that involve any shared use, including:

  • Aircraft
  • Food service areas
  • When using shared tools or equipment (work gloves are an acceptable alternative to disposable gloves when appropriate for the task)

c. In camp, personnel completing their 14-day protective period:

  • Are not required to wear disposable gloves or a facial covering in their assigned room
  • Must eat in their assigned room, not in public areas (social distancing during lunch at worksites is acceptable and required)
  • May not use common areas (gym, lounge, game room, etc.)
  • Will not receive standard housekeeping service. Housekeepers shall:
    • 1. Not enter the room of personnel for the duration of their 14-day protective period
    • 2. Provide fresh towels and bedsheets for personnel to change themselves, as well as a repository for dirty sheets and towels

Employees working at an Oil Search Alaska Location

As of March 20, 2020: In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to its North Slope operations, OSA has announced the following steps to reduce exposure to the virus for those who are working on the North Slope. Please note that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the North Slope at this time.

  • Beginning today, if you are not already in place on the North Slope and if you or a member of your household has traveled anywhere outside Alaska in the past 14 days, you will NOT be allowed access to OSA North Slope operations.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, anyone who lives in the Lower 48 and travels to work on the North Slope.
    • Please speak with your OSA supervisor and/or your contracted company supervisor for guidance on travel, possible self-quarantine, and issues related to your role during the remainder of this winter’s OSA work program.
  • Additionally, all workers traveling to the North Slope from anywhere within Alaska are REQUIRED to undergo health screenings. Proof of screening will be issued.
    • Pre-board health-screenings are required at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage and at the Fairbanks airport for all North Slope workers travelling to OSA operations.
    • Health screenings are also available at the Fairweather health clinic in the Deadhorse Aviation Center and at the OSA medical clinics detailed below.
      • Anyone in Deadhorse planning to travel to an Oil Search location who has not been screened, should be screened at the Deadhorse Aviation Center (DAC) prior to leaving Deadhorse.
      • All workers currently within an OSA operations area with roles that require visits to operations run by other operators (ConocoPhillips, ENI, etc.), MUST be screened at one of the OSA clinic locations prior to travel.
    • Proof of screening issued on behalf of OSA should be valid for 14 days.
    • If you cannot provide valid proof of screening, you are likely to be detained at any guard shack you encounter as you cross into neighboring operating areas.
      • NOTE: This does not apply to those who were in the field prior to the start of screening and who are traveling directly from Oil Search operational areas to Deadhorse for transport off the slope.
  • Failure to comply may result in adverse employment action for OSA employees and release of contractors.
  • All employees who cannot work will be placed on leave without pay for two weeks. There will be no interruption in AES benefits.

OSA and North Slope Clinics

Health screenings will require additional time, so please plan accordingly.

Deadhorse Aviation Center Clinic:

  • Located on the west end of the Deadhorse Airport, 500 First Street
  • Park on the gravel pad on the west side of the building; do not park in the main thoroughfare (First Street)
  • Enter through the main entrance and take an immediate right into the Fairweather Clinic
  • Call the clinic directly if you have questions – (907) 685-1777
  • A map of the general area is attached for your reference

OSA Operations Area Clinics:

Stirrup Site Area Clinics   Mitquq Site Area Clinics  
2P Parker 273 Clinic
Location: 2P Stirrup Construction Pad
Phone: (907) 685-4590
Cell: (907) 223-7964  
Afognak Pad Clinic
Location: Afognak Pad (Express, Puffin and Mustang Camps, Orie)
Phone: (907) 685-4290
Cell: (907) 205-6750
Augustine Clinic
Location: Mitquq Drill Site, Parker 272 (services 3S)
Phone: (907) 685-4690
Cell: (907) 223-7859
Camp Thompson Clinic
Location: Stirrup Drill Site Pad
Phone: (907) 685-4591
Cell: (907) 280-7235
Anadarko Clinic
Location: ASRC Mine Site, West Camp
Phone: (907) 685-4291
Cell: (907) 312-3489
Mine Site F Clinic
Location: Mine Site F
Phone: (907) 685-4292
Cell: (907) 227-3807

OSA understands that these actions will significantly affect contractors like us. Both AES and OSA are in the process of sorting out the many questions employees will have. Please contact your supervisor with your questions, and please be patient as we work on answers to all of the issues. As we do not have a line of sight into how long this event will last, please know that both AES and Conoco have the safety of our employees as our number one priority. We know this is a difficult time for all, but please continue to focus on safe operations.

As we move through this, OSA wants to emphasize that it is committed to the safety, health and wellness of our workforce. We appreciate OSA’s commitment to safety and the hard work and dedication of the AES workforce.

For the latest updates, please visit and We will be in contact soon.

BP Employees

Beginning June 8, out of state personnel with a completed 14-day temperature log may travel directly to GPB to complete their 14-day state mandated quarantine. Please see the plan and frequently asked questions file for complete details and directions to quarantine on the Slope. Given the change in quarantine protocols, also effective on June 8th, BP North Slope workers will revert back to the normal base schedules of 2 x 2 (weeks). Leaders are expected to work with their crews to return to their original scheduled rotation patterns.

What is not changing:  ALL workers at GPB (both in-state and out of state) SHALL continue to maintain a health log tracking your temperature twice a day and noting any potential symptoms. If you do not have a 14-day health log you will not be allowed on the charter and this will be ‘leave with no pay.’

Travel requirements to quarantine on the Slope:  

  • ALL workers shall maintain a quarantine log (take temperature twice per day and note any potential symptoms) for 14 days prior to traveling to Anchorage. You may use a paper log or the web-based log at: Bring a personal thermometer with you to maintain the log while on the Slope.  
  • Out of state workers arriving into Alaska must move directly to their destination and follow the plan as detailed in the attached to ensure compliance with Mandate #10 and conformance with the BPXA COVID-19 health plan.
  • If necessary, out of state workers may remain in Anchorage pending travel to the North Slope, however, you must comply with the quarantine requirements of Mandate #10 while in Anchorage. This means you must travel directly from the airport to the hotel with no stops and then travel directly from the hotel to the airport. 
  • Upon arrival in Anchorage you may be required to complete a State of Alaska Travel Declaration Form. BPXA personnel that will complete quarantine while working will enter BPXA Prudhoe Bay as their “quarantine address.” If you must stay in a hotel before traveling to the Slope, the hotel should NOT be listed as the quarantine location.

All travelers to the Slope must complete a pre-flight Beacon screening prior to boarding the northbound charter. You must maintain social distancing at the airport and wear a mask on the plan.

Employees working at an Eni site:

For employees working at an Eni site, please review the following bulletin and documents.