ConocoPhillips Sites

Employees working at a ConocoPhillips site (Alpine, Kuparuk or GMT2):

The PPP program has been eliminated and replaced with COPA’s Safe Access Plan which highlights the effective mitigations that we have in place to manage COVID at Kuparuk. There are no longer any mitigations in place that are specific to people that have recently been out of state.

Antigen Testing Exemption:

ConocoPhillips will exempt fully vaccinated asymptomatic individuals from the mandatory pre-travel testing program with evidence of full vaccination at the time of screening. Fully vaccinated means two weeks after the final dose of your vaccination course. The exemption will be managed in conjunction with the screening and testing conducted by CPAI’s contracted service providers, and an individual’s vaccination status will not be reported to the company. Please bring a copy of your vaccination card or a legible photo of the front and back of your card if you would like to take advantage of the exemption.

Beacon will be administering Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at the Kuparuk EMOC every Saturday from 9:30am to 7:30pm and in Alpine every Sunday from 9:30am to 7:30pm. 

Should you choose to be vaccinated, there are two primary approaches to obtaining the vaccine as outlined below:

OPTION 1 – State of Alaska Community Distribution

Employees who are AK Residents/Critical Infrastructure Workers are able to use community resources that are available throughout the State; appointments can be made at  

OPTION 2 – BEACON in partnership with the State of Alaska and North Slope Borough

Employees can sign up to receive the vaccine at the Kuparuk EMOC. Vaccines continue to be offered at the Ted Stevens Airport and Beacon Deadhorse Clinic. The focus is on YOU, the North Slope workforce. 

Below are the steps to follow to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine through OPTION 2:

  1. Vaccines will be offered at the EMOC
  2. Appointments are strongly suggested and it is critical that you arrive on-time and follow through with your appointment
  3. Complete the consent to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine found in the following link:
    • Select the manufacturer preference in the consent form.  Please note, Pfizer and Moderna are available
  4. Use the following link to pre-book appointments following the instructions below:
  5. Vaccination clinics will be scheduled on a regular schedule, following same process
  6. If Beacon is unable to proceed with the clinic due to volume of sign-ups you will receive an email


The vaccine appointments are being offered on a first come first serve basis. It is necessary to book an appointment in advance, follow through with the appointment as well as complete the consent form prior to arrival. Again, it is critical to follow through with your appointment to remain in compliance with State of Alaska distribution protocols.

The vaccines that are being provided are received in multi-dose vials containing six or ten immunizations per vial and must be used within 6-hours of puncturing the vial.  To successfully administer the vaccine, please considered the following:

  • Vaccine clinics will continue to be offered based on demand. While there is plenty of vaccine available there may be limits on each manufacturer, Beacon will do everything possible to assure you receive your preferred manufacturer.
  • Vaccination clinics will be spaced to schedule the second vaccination, following the same process. 
  • Details of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine attached for your reading pleasure.
  • Based off any previous medical history or allergies, individuals can be monitored up to 30 minutes after administration.  Standard monitoring is 15 minutes. This should be taken into consideration when making an appointment to avoid disruption of daily operations.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Beacon team at

Potential benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine are:

  • Studies show getting vaccinated can reduce the severity of your illness should you contract COVID-19 (more info here and here)
  • Individuals who are two weeks post being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and who remain symptom free will not be required to enter “Close Contact Quarantine” after exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 positive person per revised CDC quarantine guidance

Per CDC guidance, fully vaccinated individuals are exempt from being considered close contacts.