ConocoPhillips Sites

Employees working at a ConocoPhillips site (Alpine, Kuparuk or GMT2):

ConocoPhillips Alaska will implement mandatory COVID-19 PCR Diagnostic testing for northbound travelers on COP Aviation with an anticipated start date of Oct. 15, pending all supplies and logistics are in place.  As of 8/19/2020, all Conoco L48 contractors will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test result prior to traveling to the Slope.

Temperature Monitoring

To our High Risk Employees Supporting ConocoPhillips at Alpine or Kuparuk: ConocoPhillips has requested that all of their contractors’ high risk employees check their temperature twice daily (morning and evening) while at work.  You may use your own thermometer, or you may get one from the Kuparuk or Alpine clinic.  Please bring your thermometer with you each time you go to the slope.  Detailed instructions are provided in the attached handouts.  Please maintain the log every day and make it available upon request. Please note that if you undergo a random temperature check in the dining facility or spike room, you may use that as one of the required daily checks.     Thank you for your cooperation.  We know this is another inconvenience during a challenging time.  We appreciate everything you do to help keep employees safe and oil flowing through the pipeline. 

Travel Requirements

This plan does not apply to personnel who have remained in Alaska for the immediately preceding 14 days prior to travel and conducted intrastate travel. It will remain in effect until AES Management and the COPA Crisis Management Team (CMT) determines it is no longer necessary based on consideration of federal, state, and local mandates, as well as an analysis of COPA business operations.

Requirements for those traveling to AK:

  • a. Personnel travelling to a COPA-operated field on the North Slope from outside Alaska are required to move directly to their destination and follow the plan as detailed here to comply with Health Mandate #10 and COPA’s .
  • b. If necessary, personnel traveling to Alaska may overnight in Anchorage before traveling to the North Slope. However, personnel must comply with the quarantine requirements of Health Mandate 10 while in Anchorage and must travel directly from the airport to the hotel with no stops in between and must travel directly back to the airportfrom the hotel the next day with no stops.
  • c. Personnel may be required to complete a SOA Travel Declaration Form upon arriving in Alaska. As this plan does not call for a quarantine, if the form requires a “quarantine address” COPA and AES personnel will enter ConocoPhillips Alaska: Alpine or ConocoPhillips Alaska: Kuparuk, as applicable. If overnighting at a hotel in Anchorage before traveling to the North Slope, this hotel is not to be listed as a quarantine location.
  • d. AES may reinstitute Anchorage based quarantine in the future
  • e. Personnel travelling from outside Alaska will be subject to the additional protective measures outlined in this document for the flight from Anchorage to the North Slope destination and for the first 14 days on the North Slope. Personnel who leave Alaska after their hitch will be required to follow these protective measures again the next time they arrive in Alaska.

Requirements for those completing a 14-day protective period at Alpine or Kuparuk:

a. Maintain social distancing (6’ minimum) and utilize facial coverings appropriately (as described in the COPA Face Covering Procedure):

  • In public spaces: Always wear a facial covering and maintain social distancing
  • At work: Maintain social distancing to the greatest extent possible, recognizing some tasks do not allow for it. Incorporate social distancing into pre-job planning with team members (i.e., area wipe downs, body positioning, job sequencing, etc.)

b. Utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required. At a minimum, disposable gloves and a facial covering must be worn in locations that involve any shared use, including:

  • Aircraft
  • Food service areas
  • When using shared tools or equipment (work gloves are an acceptable alternative to disposable gloves when appropriate for the task)

c. In camp, personnel completing their 14-day protective period:

  • Are not required to wear disposable gloves or a facial covering in their assigned room
  • Must eat in their assigned room, not in public areas (social distancing during lunch at worksites is acceptable and required)
  • May not use common areas (gym, lounge, game room, etc.)
  • Will not receive standard housekeeping service. Housekeepers shall:
    • 1. Not enter the room of personnel for the duration of their 14-day protective period
    • 2. Provide fresh towels and bedsheets for personnel to change themselves, as well as a repository for dirty sheets and towels