Proprietary technology capable of remediating large volumes of contaminated soil on-site

Hazardous Material Removal | Water Treatment | Site Characterization

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Our ASRC Consulting & Environmental Services (ACES) is a certified small business with licenses for the following business lines:

  • Mining (21)
    • NAICS 213112- Support Activities for Oil & Gas Operations
  • Administrative, Support, Waste Management, and Remediation Services (56)
    • NAICS 562910- Remediation Services
    • NAICS 562998- All Other Misc. Waste Management Services
    • NAICS 562112- Hazardous Waste Collection
    • NAICS 562219- Other Non-hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal


  • Soil Remediation: Our team leverages advanced technologies to offer turnkey, on-site, soil treatment solutions to address today’s most difficult contamination challenges.
  • Feasibility Studies & Research & Development
  • Material Removal and Site Management
  • Water Remediation
  • Pipe Flushing

Granular Activated Carbon and Ion Exchange Resin

ACES works with water technology partners to field mobile treatment trains with advanced adsorbent media. Water is filtered to remove particulates and turbidity before Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) removes the bulk of the contaminants. Finally, ion-exchange resin (IX) is used to polish the effluent and reduce PFAS concentrations to below the stringent regulatory standards. Water can be discharged by land application, underground, or to a stormwater outfall or POTW, in compliance with site specific regulatory approvals (obtained by ACES).

Mobile Remediation System

ACES Mobile Remediation System travels by road, rail, barge, or air for easy, rapid transportation to on- and off-road sites. Our mobile unit is designed for flexible energy sources, and low emissions. The technology builds from our current mobile treatment facility commissioned in 2019. This proprietary technology is capable of remediating large volumes of contaminated soil on-site.

  • Treats PFAS/other halogenated
  • Induction electric heat
  • Treats hydrocarbons
  • On-site thermal treatment
  • Flexible fuel options (highline, diesel, natural gas)
  • Flexible operating parameters
  • 5-10 tph throughput (2021)
  • Scalable modular design