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Hilcorp company updates can be found here: http://hakcovidtravel.hilcorp.com/

Starting Monday Oct 19th the COVID-19 testing process at the Anchorage Airport for AK residents will be operational. Nothing is changing for L48 resident workers at this time.

COVID-19 Pre-Boarding Screening Update:

Effective Monday May 27th, if you are fully vaccinated you will be able to obtain a “Permanent Access Card” (PAC) from Beacon OHSS for North Slope travel. Simply put, the PAC is a permanent alternative to the paper cards that are issued with an expiration date. For our CIO workforce, please remain patient as we work out the specifics of a similar process with Odyssey for CIO Platform travel.

Once you have a PAC you DO NOT have to go through any pre-boarding screening process in Alaska. For North Slope charter flights, you can go directly to the departure gate where you will be asked to show your PAC before boarding.

Obtaining a Permanent Access Card (PAC):

  • The next time you fly bring proof of vaccination to the 3rd party pre-boarding health screening in Alaska.
    • NOTE: Beacon is only able to issue PACs at their Anchorage and Fairbanks airport locations at this time. Odyssey process for CIO is TBD.
  • Ask for a “Permanent Access Card” (PAC).
  • Keep your PAC on you when you travel so that you can show it anywhere you are currently showing your paper health card, for example to board your flight to your worksite or when traveling through North Slope security checkpoints.

If you are not fully vaccinated or cannot provide proof of vaccination:

  • The current process for pre-boarding screening remains in place at this time.
  • You will go through the pre-boarding screening in Alaska and be given a COVID-19 test if required.
    • Prudhoe passengers with proof of a COVID-19 test taken not more than 72 hours before screening do not have to re-test in Alaska.
  • Upon successful completion of screening & testing you will be issued a paper card with an expiration date which you can use to board your flight & pass through security check points.

Mask Policy Update:

Hilcorp is aligning our mask policy across Alaska with the updated corporate & CDC guidance. Effective June 1st, fully vaccinated persons will now only be required to wear a mask in certain work settings including:

  1. In accordance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements,
  2. In healthcare or public transportation type settings (airports, airplanes, busses and crew vans), and
  3. When required by the Operations Managers to manage specific, local risks.

Updated Prudhoe Mask Policy flyer is attached. Other remote site, asset specific mask policy updates will be communicated locally.

Hilcorp company updates can be found here:  HAKcovidtravel.hilcorp.com