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Employees working at a Hilcorp location:

Hilcorp company updates can be found here: http://hakcovidtravel.hilcorp.com/

Starting Monday Oct 19th the COVID-19 testing process at the Anchorage Airport for AK residents will be operational. Nothing is changing for L48 resident workers at this time.

About Hilcorp’s CWPP and COVID-19 Testing

Below is a summary of the new CWPP requirements and when they go into effect for direct Hilcorp employees as well as contractors. There is also info on which types of COVID-19 tests Hilcorp will accept. I’ve attached the approved CWPP, associated FAQ, and a handy CWPP Summary Table. All of this will be accessible on HAKcovidtravel.hilcorp.com very shortly.

  • Please remember that there is not any Hilcorp provided support if you received positive COVID-19 test results while in route to the slope. That means if you are in the L48 you need to plan to have your test results in hand before your flights departs to AK.
  • Hilcorp employees and embedded/core contractors will be provided testing by Hilcorp at no cost in 1 of 2 ways: 1) via the Sterling Check/Vault at-home testing for L48 residents and 2) via the Beacon Anchorage Airport rapid testing for AK residents. All other contractors will be required to obtain testing at their own expense.
  • If the CWPP summary says you will be provided access to the Sterling Check/Vault COVID-19 testing process but you do not receive an email from Abe Chapa by COB 9/3, email him at achapa@hilcorp.com. You need to be on the list to gain access – getting a copy of the email forwarded to you by a buddy will not gain you access.
  • If you are an AK resident but you live in a location where it is not reasonable for you to drive home if you test positive at the Anchorage airport, contact Abe Chapa to be added to the Sterling Check/Vault process so you can test before your departure to Anchorage.
  • All L48 contractors must have a negative result from an approved COVID-19 Test:
    • This is already in place for ANS and Prudhoe. You will be denied boarding of the slope charter without an negative result from an approved COVID-19 test take not more than 4 days from your departure to AK & 5 days from slope charter.
  • For example, if your flight to AK departs on 9/13, and you’re on the 9/14 slope charter, you must test on or after 9/9:
    • If you are an embedded/core contractor (Hilcorp badged, billeted & manifested) we will provide you access to the Sterling Check/Vault process by email from Abe Chapa (achapa@hilcorp.com). This email will be sent if the Flight Coordinator or NS Scheduler has you identified as a L48 embedded contractor. All other contractors must obtain an approved COVID-19 test at their own expense.
    • You are required to complete a “Work Location Quarantine” while on the slope.
  • AK resident contractors (or L48ers) who do not leave AK in the 14 days prior to shift:
    • Once COVID-19 rapid testing is stood up at the Anchorage airport (expected Monday 9/7) you will be required to test and receive a negative result to be approved to board the slope charter.
    • You are be required to follow “Social Distancing @ Work” and “Basic Infection Control” protocols while on the slope.
  • AK resident contractors who have left AK in the 14 days prior to shift:
    • Must have an negative result from an approved COVID-19 test.
    • This is already in place for ANS and Prudhoe.
    • You are required to complete a “Work Location Quarantine” while on the slope.

MatSu Valley Travel

Do you live in the MatSu Valley area and require pre-flight COVID-19 testing to access your work location?
We are excited to announce that as of Monday, Jan 11, 2021 Beacon will be able to provide COVID-19 rapid testing & pre-flight screening in Palmer.

WHAT: Pre-flight COVID-19 testing and screening in the Valley
WHEN: On Mondays & Tuesdays ONLY from 10am – 4pm
WHERE: Beacon Mobile Unit located at Northern Industrial Training, 740 Terrilou Court, Palmer, AK 99645


  • Unit is parked next to the Welding Shop at NIT, please DO NOTenter NIT offices
  • Testing will be on a first come/first served basis (no appointment needed, be sure to allow time to wait if there is a line)
  • Follow the signs and remain in your vehicle until advised to enter the mobile unit for testing. After sample collection you return to your vehicle and wait until the results are ready. Beacon will then ask you to return to the mobile unit to receive your result and undergo the health screening.


  • Proof of flight confirmation on a Hilcorp Charter
  • Testing cannot be conducted greater than 24-hours prior to your northbound charter flight departure
  • Bring your completed Health Log
  • Mask/appropriate face covering required

Approved tests per CWPP

When traveling from Outside Alaska

If you have been outside AK in the 14 days before you start your shift, you will need to take an approved type of COVID-19 test. You do not have to use Sterling Check but testing by other methods / companies is not sponsored by Hilcorp.

Hilcorp will accept molecular-based SARS-CoV-2 tests which detect the presence of viral RNA (genes) including:

  • Reverse transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (rt-PCR, for example: Cepheid GeneXpert, KIngFisher System, ABI 7500 system),
  • Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA, for example: Hologic Panther system),
  • and Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification (for example: Abbott ID-NOW).

Hilcorp will not accept antibody or antigen tests at this time.
For the latest updates, please visit www.asrcenergy.com/covid and www.asrcenergy.com/field-employees.