Eni Sites

Employees working at an Eni site:

Vaccine Mandate

To comply with Eni’s December 1st deadline for vaccination and to allow for adequate time to assess and process any requests, any employees working at Eni field sites who intend to request an exemption from vaccination must submit all such requests by October 25, 2021.  You may obtain the applicable forms from Human Resources, which contain details regarding eligibility, process, and requirements.       

AES Human Resources Direct Contact Information

Please disregard this message if you have already submitted your vaccination information or will be considered fully vaccinated by whichever date is earlier: (1) November 24, 2021; or (2) before leaving for your shift if you are scheduled to be on an Eni site on December 1, 2021.

All person’s unvaccinated and vaccinated must go through screening and receive a rapid test before they can get on the airplane to fly north to Eni’s locations. Please read these protocols thoroughly and direct your questions to your supervisor. 

Everyone, unvaccinated and vaccinated will be required to get antigen tested every three days while on site.  Please direct your questions to your supervisor.