AES Accommodations for Out-of-State North Slope Workers

To all ASRC Energy Services (AES) Employees Traveling to the North Slope:

Effective May 23rd, 2020, EPT, AES AK, and LRS will discontinue covering the costs of lodging and per diem or meals for out-of-state employees on quarantine in Alaska.  All such costs starting that date and going forward will need to be paid by the employee.  Although we knew this assistance could not be continued indefinitely, we feel fortunate that we were able to cover these costs for two months to help our employees affected by COVID-19 and the state quarantine rules.

Employees are responsible for their quarantining costs after May 22, 2020.

Our team is actively working to maintain compliance with our clients’ and Alaska’s North Slope travel protocols.  All persons traveling to Alaska intending to go to the North Slope for work must review and comply with Alaska’s quarantine requirements, which are below.  One of the requirements is a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Alaska before traveling to the North Slope. 

While quarantining in Alaska for 14 days before your flight to the North Slope, ASRC Energy Services, LLC (AES) has identified accommodations options below. Please make every attempt to pack a thermometer to record your temperature and fill-out the daily log while in quarantine. 

Quarantine Logs and Directions: Click here.

Travel Letter

All employees, please print then carry the following travel letter with you during your commute to the North Slope:

Expense Report:

Hotel Rates

AES has obtained long-term stay discounts for employees who choose to stay in Anchorage, Soldotna, or Kenai. These rates are good for 2020:

  • Inlet Tower Hotel, Anchorage, $49, (907) 276-0110, Code: ASRC
  • Aspen Suites, Anchorage, $49/night, (907) 770-3400, Code: North Slope 2020
  • Aptel Suites, Anchorage, $49/night, (907) 258-0333, Code: North Slope 2020
  • Aspen Hotel, Soldotna, $49/night, (907) 260-7736, Code: Oil
  • Aspen Suites, Kenai, $49/night, (907) 283-2273, Code: Oil