AES Accommodations for Out-of-State North Slope Workers

To all ASRC Energy Services (AES) Employees Traveling to the North Slope:

Our team is actively working to maintain compliance with our clients’ and Alaska’s North Slope travel protocols.  All persons traveling to Alaska intending to go to the North Slope for work must review and comply with Alaska’s quarantine requirements, which are below.  One of the requirements is a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Alaska before traveling to the North Slope. 

While quarantining in Alaska for 14 days before your flight to the North Slope, ASRC Energy Services, LLC (AES) has identified accommodations and per diem options below.  Please make every attempt to pack a thermometer to record your temperature and fill-out the daily log while in quarantine.  If that is not possible please notify your manager and we will make alternative arrangements to assist.

Travel Letter

All employees, please print then carry the following travel letter with you during your commute to the North Slope:

Overview for Out-of-State Employees

AES will provide the following for out-of-state employees who are required to quarantine in Alaska:

  • Lodging at pre-approved hotel site that meets mandated quarantine requirements (14 days in Alaska):
  • AES designated quarantine site in Anchorage is at the Inlet Tower, where AES will be direct billed for charges. 
  • If the Inlet Tower is sold out, or if you require a hotel outside of Anchorage, AES will  pay the listed negotiated long-term room rate for the hotels in the ‘Preferred Hotel List,’ plus taxes (costs to be paid for by employee and reimbursed by AES.
  • Meals or per diem, for the duration of your stay to meet mandated quarantine requirements (14 days in Alaska):
  • Meals; a meal plan is provided if staying at the Inlet Tower, employee may select the daily hotel meal plan, with no per diem provided (cost will be direct billed to AES.
  • Per diem; if employee opts out of the meal plan or is staying at another pre-approved hotel in the ‘Preferred Hotel List,’ a daily $30 food per diem will be provided (to be reimbursed in your next paycheck after submission of your quarantine log).

Quarantining in Alaska

Daily Self-Quarantine Log Requirements

Quarantine logs are required for each employee traveling from out-of-state and must be completed daily.  At the end of your mandatory 14-day quarantine you must signed and submit your log via email to either prior to your departure or immediately after you arrive on the Slope.   

Please make every effort to bring you own thermometer to check and log your temperature twice a day.  If you cannot bring your own thermometer, the Inlet Tower does have a touchless thermometer to take temperatures.  However, the touchless thermometer is a very limited resource so please do everything you can to bring you own thermometer.

Due to local and national shortages of thermometers and necessary PPE we are in active
discussions with our clients on requirements for our out-of-state employees to take their temperatures twice a day while quarantining in Alaska. At this time, please complete the quarantine log to the best of your ability, being diligent to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We understand the temperature-monitoring portion of the log may be incomplete. We will send further communication when we know more.

Hotel Booking Procedures

We are making a change in regards to our procedure for booking hotel rooms for out-of-state workers traveling to Alaska. If you have not already made a reservation, please do not contact hotels directly, we will handle that for you. Below is a simplified process to get your hotel needs to AES in a more systematic and controlled manner.

For Conoco Workers

  • Contact your General Foreman only if they have not already contacted you.
  • They will collect your information and pass it on so we can schedule hotels accommodations on your behalf.

For all other workers

Email Stephanie Stephens at with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Employee ID
  • Hotel Check-in Date
  • Hotel Check-out Date
  • Date for Flying to Slope (if known)
  • Your Contact Phone #

If you cannot email you can call us at (907) 240-3126 and if no one answers please leave a voicemail with the above details.


AES has negotiated and arranged for the Inlet Tower hotel to be our preferred site for out-of-state employees required to quarantine, at no cost to you, besides any voluntary incidentals.  You can stay wherever you choose as long as you comply with Alaska’s Mandate No. 10 and AES policy, but if you want your room and meal costs paid by AES, you MUST call the Inlet Tower first, where AES has a current contract and an available meal plan.  Hotel costs at the Inlet Tower will be directly billed to AES.  Instructions on booking with the Inlet Tower are below. 

Inlet Tower Hotel Reservations, Meals, and Airport Transportation

We have issued the Inlet Tower a complete list of names for those expected to be staying with them between 3/25/2020 and 4/24/2020.


The Inlet Tower has room service.  While booking your reservation and at check-in, you can opt-in for the AES meal plan that will provide breakfast and dinner every day while you are staying at the Inlet Tower.  The Inlet Tower does not have the flexibility to change this election day-to-day but if you would like opt-out of the meal plan during your quarantine please advise the Inlet Tower and denote your selection daily on your quarantine log.  We will validate your selection prior to distributing per diem via your paycheck.

Airport Transportation

Inlet Tower can pick you up from the airport upon arrival and drop you off at the airport for your North Slope flight.  Please call the Inlet Tower at (907) 276-0110 upon arrival to schedule your pick-up.  When departing, inform the front desk that you need a ride to the airport.

Hotel Accommodations other than Inlet Tower

Preferred Hotel List

AES has obtained long-term stay discounts for employees who choose to stay in Anchorage, Soldotna, or Kenai. 

  • Inlet Tower Hotel, Anchorage, PREFERRED, (907) 276-0110, Code: ASRC
  • Puffin Inn, Anchorage, $44.80/night (first 7 days are nonrefundable), (907) 243-4044
  • Ingra House, Anchorage, $252/week for a single, (907) 278-9656
  • Ingra House, Anchorage, $280/week for a double, (907) 278-9656
  • Sockeye Inn, Anchorage, $250-$300/week depending on room style, (907) 771-7300
  • Aspen Suites, Anchorage, $49/night, (907) 770-3400, Code: North Slope 2020
  • Aptel Suites, Anchorage, $49/night, (907) 258-0333, Code: North Slope 2020
  • Lakefront Hotel, Anchorage, $54/night, (907) 243-2300, Code: 2003OILGAS
  • Aspen Hotel, Soldotna, $49/night, (907) 260-7736, Code: Oil
  • Aspen Suites, Kenai, $49/night, (907) 283-2273, Code: Oil
  • Kenai River Lodge, Soldotna/Kenai, $50/night, (907) 262-4292, Show badge

Per Diem

If you opt-out of the meal plan at the Inlet Tower, or are quarantined at another AES approved hotel from the below ‘Preferred Hotel List,’ you are eligible for $30 per diem for meals; no other employees are eligible for per diem.  To be reimbursed, you must denote your meal selection daily on your quarantine log (details below).  Per diem payments will be made on the first available paycheck run following the submission of your quarantine log to AES.