Quarantine Logs for Traveling to the North Slope

North Slope Travelers,

We know there has been some confusion with the logs. Different clients have different requirements. Please see below for the specific requirements for the client you are supporting.

If you have a log already in process, please copy the information from that log into this the log required for the client you support. Then print and bring this updated log with you to the airport for your flight North.

Log Requirements:

You Must:

  • Enter each date of quarantine
  • Put your location of quarantine each day (Hotel Name or Address of quarantine location)
  • Circle, daily, for Social Distancing, COVID-19 Symptoms, and Meal Plan/Food Voucher
  • Physically sign in the signature block
  • Bring a copy of your completed quarantine log to the airport for your flight North
  • NEW: If you do not have a thermometer, our clients have indicated that you may feel your head with your hand.  If your head is not hot and you have no fever symptoms, input “Below 100.3 F” for each daily temperature check.

If you do not have a thermometer then you are to use your hand to see if you are hot. If not hot and no fever symptoms exist, please put “Below 100.3F” under the temperature columns.



Out of State travelers are to fill out the AES log while quarantining for 14 days.


If flying to a Hilcorp site you need to fill out the Hilcorp log.


If flying to an Alyeska site you need to fill out the Alyeska log.

BP, Oil Search, Eni, and all other AES employees traveling to the North Slope need to fill out this log: