North Slope employees traveling to ConocoPhillips sites (Kuparuk, Alpine, or GMT2)

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Aviation Update

Fly in and fly out will continue at the ConocoPhillips Alaska Aviation Hangar located at 6601 South Airpark Place, Anchorage, AK, 99502. Please remember that personal vehicle parking is not allowed at the hangar. 

Transportation to and from the airport and Captain Cook hotel will be provided starting Tuesday, March 31. Details are provided in the attachments and on the Shared Services website and on the Alaska Coronavirus Resource Site.

This new schedule is in effect from March 31 through May 15.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to its North Slope operations, ConocoPhillips (Conoco) has announced the following steps to reduce exposure to the virus for those who are working on the North Slope. Please note that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the North Slope at this time.

  • Effectively immediately, all business-critical personnel supporting Conoco operations are being asked to extend their shift by two weeks. All flights north for regularly scheduled shift changes have been cancelled for the next two weeks. Conoco is working to arrange transportation off the Slope for those who cannot extend their stay.
  • All non-essential personnel will leave the North Slope at the end of their current shift and, as applicable, asked to work from home or placed on leave until further notice.
  • All workers who live or have traveled out of state of Alaska and are scheduled to travel to the North Slope must self-quarantine in Alaska for two weeks before the start of their next scheduled shift if they want to return to work during this time. By self-quarantine, Conoco means that people not travel outside of Alaska and comply with all measures issued by the CDC and State of Alaska (see attachment and links below). Such costs are not being reimbursed at this time. AES has obtained hotel discounts for anyone who chooses to remain in Alaska, and will post updates on
  • All employees who cannot work will be placed on leave without pay for two weeks. There will be no interruption in AES benefits.
  • Conoco will be demobilizing its exploration drilling rigs (Doyon 142 and Doyon 141) when they finish the wells they are currently drilling. Doyon 142 will be redeployed at Kuparuk as a workover rig.
  • Over the next several weeks, ConocoPhillips will be looking at options for North Slope staffing levels that protect workers’ health and maintain safe operations.
  • ConocoPhillips is not planning on shutting in any production. Currently, the only change to its 2020 plan is the reduced drilling activity in Kuparuk and Alpine that was announced as part of the ConocoPhillips news release issued the morning of March 18 addressing steps the company is taking in light of the drop in oil price (attached).
  • Conoco does not have a timeframe for resuming business as usual. It will be monitoring conditions on a daily basis.

Conoco understands that these actions will significantly affect contractors like us. Both AES and Conoco are in the process of sorting out the many questions employees will have. Please contact your supervisor with your questions, and please be patient as we work on answers to all of the issues. As we do not have a line of sight into how long this event will last, please know that both AES and Conoco have the safety of our employees as our number one priority. We know this is a difficult time for all, but please continue to focus on safe operations.

As we move through this, Conoco wants to emphasize that its priorities remain: protect the health and wellbeing of the workforce and their families; help mitigate the spread of the virus; and safely run the business. We appreciate Conoco’s commitment to safety and the hard work and dedication of the AES workforce.

We will continue to monitor the evolving situation. We recognize that there will be issues to work through during this unprecedented time, and thank you in advance for your hard work and patience. For any Human Resources related questions, please contact AES Employee relations at or at (907) 334-1688 and press option 1 to speak to a live representative. If all representatives are busy, please leave a message so they can return your call. .