High Risk Employees

Temperature Monitoring

To our High Risk Employees Supporting ConocoPhillips at Alpine or Kuparuk:

ConocoPhillips has requested that all of their contractors’ high risk employees check their temperature twice daily (morning and evening) while at work.  You may use your own thermometer, or you may get one from the Kuparuk or Alpine clinic.  Please bring your thermometer with you each time you go to the slope.  Detailed instructions are provided in the attached handouts.  Please maintain the log every day and make it available upon request.

Please note that if you undergo a random temperature check in the dining facility or spike room, you may use that as one of the required daily checks.    

Thank you for your cooperation.  We know this is another inconvenience during a challenging time.  We appreciate everything you do to help keep employees safe and oil flowing through the pipeline. 

HRE Survey

Our clients have asked us to obtain certain information that will help protect the health and safety of our North Slope employees.  If you are an employee who works on the North Slope, please complete the short, required survey.

The information gathered will be used to provide additional support, monitoring, and potential mitigation measures for employees considered at “high risk” for severe illness from COVID-19 under the criteria provided by the Center for Disease Control.  AES will treat your responses as confidential and no personally identifiable medical information will be shared with our clients. 

If you have questions about this survey, please contact your HR Business Partner or your Supervisor.  AES will continue to monitor the evolving situation.  We recognize that there will be issues to work through during this unprecedented time, and thank you in advance for your hard work and patience.  For any Human Resources related questions, please contact AES Employee Relations at AESemployeerelations@asrcenergy.com or at (907) 334-1688.