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BP Employees:

Beginning June 8, out of state personnel with a completed 14-day temperature log may travel directly to GPB to complete their 14-day state mandated quarantine. Please see the plan and frequently asked questions file for complete details and directions to quarantine on the Slope. Given the change in quarantine protocols, also effective on June 8th, BP North Slope workers will revert back to the normal base schedules of 2 x 2 (weeks). Leaders are expected to work with their crews to return to their original scheduled rotation patterns.

What is not changing:  ALL workers at GPB (both in-state and out of state) SHALL continue to maintain a health log tracking your temperature twice a day and noting any potential symptoms. If you do not have a 14-day health log you will not be allowed on the charter and this will be ‘leave with no pay.’

Travel requirements to quarantine on the Slope:  

  • ALL workers shall maintain a quarantine log (take temperature twice per day and note any potential symptoms) for 14 days prior to traveling to Anchorage. You may use a paper log or the web-based log at:  https://arcg.is/1Pav0y. Bring a personal thermometer with you to maintain the log while on the Slope.  
  • Out of state workers arriving into Alaska must move directly to their destination and follow the plan as detailed in the attached to ensure compliance with Mandate #10 and conformance with the BPXA COVID-19 health plan.
  • If necessary, out of state workers may remain in Anchorage pending travel to the North Slope, however, you must comply with the quarantine requirements of Mandate #10 while in Anchorage. This means you must travel directly from the airport to the hotel with no stops and then travel directly from the hotel to the airport. 
  • Upon arrival in Anchorage you may be required to complete a State of Alaska Travel Declaration Form. BPXA personnel that will complete quarantine while working will enter BPXA Prudhoe Bay as their “quarantine address.” If you must stay in a hotel before traveling to the Slope, the hotel should NOT be listed as the quarantine location.

All travelers to the Slope must complete a pre-flight Beacon screening prior to boarding the northbound charter. You must maintain social distancing at the airport and wear a mask on the plan.