Shareholder Programs, Training, and Development

ASRC Energy Services, LLC (AES) has partnered with producers, vocational training centers, and education institutions to give ASRC’s Iñupiat shareholders potential career opportunities.

AES provides training and exposure to the oil and gas industry through internships, on-the-job training, and paid jobs training.

The goal of AES’s shareholder programs, training, and development is three-fold:

   Provide North Slope communities with economic development opportunities.
   Familiarize shareholders with the types of services AES provides to the industry.
   Prepare the next generation for careers as professionals and skilled craft workers.

The success of these programs results in a steady supply of qualified, skilled employees for the oil and gas industry, trained to be a more safe and productive workforce.

Director, Shareholder & Employee Growth
AES Shareholder Programs Brochure