Long-Time Employee, Patton, Retires after 30 Years

[Submitted by Don Voigt, NSK AES Operations Manager]

On March 7th Mike Patton retired from AES after “almost” 30 years of service. We say “almost” because some of the first AES employee records were lost in a connex fire in the late 80s and current records pick up his employment in 89. Mike has contributed greatly to the development of our Wells Department personnel with years of mentorship with new personnel. For the last night of work, Mike road right seat (passenger) in the Vac Truck with (driver) Howard Victor. Howard road right seat 19 years ago when Mike first mentored Howard as a new employee.

The Wells Group held a BBQ at the shop and the team enjoyed a walk down memory lane when operations manager Don Voigt reviewed Mike’s recognition awards over the years. A few other facts we found out from Mike’s wife Diana is that Mike loves to fish but doesn’t eat fish. His dream car to have is a 1969 Dodge Charger. He enjoys having family and friends over for dinner. He has a long list of “honey do’s” waiting for him at home and he could use some new 20V DeWalt tools. AES helped out on the tools so he can get the jobs at home done safely thereby allowing him to get back to fishing.

The most enjoyable thing Mike was looking forward to in retirement was spending more time with his wife Diana and his granddaughter Imma. One agreement Diana asked for when talking about Mike is that if retirement doesn’t work out she wants to be able to send him back north! When this was shared with the crew they had a good chuckle but they knew Mike was going to make retirement work out. He’s just that kind of guy. Compassionate, caring, and a great Mentor that our team will miss.

Thank you for the memories Mike.