ASRC Energy Services, LLC Receives HSE Excellence Award from ConocoPhillips

From left to right: Nick Olds, Vice President, North Slope Operations and Development (CPAI); Jeff Kinneeveauk, AES President and CEO; Erick Schmidt, AES QHSET Director; Don Voigt, AES Operations Manager (CPAI); Allen Hagood, AES General Manager of Operations and Maintenance; and Scott Selzer, AES COO.

On October 5, 2015, ASRC Energy Services, LLC (AES) received its third Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Excellence Award from ConocoPhillips Alaska (CPAI) in recognition of its commitment to HSE excellence. AES was recognized for its dedication to an incident-free culture, proactive management participation in safety programs, and setting an overall example of safe work practices.

“It was great to witness AES’ safety culture transformation achieved over the years, and to see it blossom this year, is really special.  The workforce efficiency gains are possible because of the strong safety foundation because safety and efficiency go hand in hand,” said Bill Arnold, Manager of North Slope Operations and Projects for CPAI. “All the safety champions who are making this happen should be very proud of this accomplishment and I know you share my thoughts that the true reward is in all the additional people going home safe and sound to their loved ones after every hitch.”

AES is committed to providing the highest level of workplace safety and environmental stewardship on the North Slope and at every other project location. The company strives to enhance its quality, health, safety, and environmental performance while it continuously improves operational effectiveness, reduces waste, and increases productivity.

“Our core values are to develop responsibly, live according to Iñupiat values, ‘own’ safety, protect our resources, and provide the highest quality to our clients. Receiving recognition for upholding our commitment to those values demonstrates that our employees at every level are focused on safety performance and continuous improvement,” said Jeff Kinneeveauk, President and CEO of AES. “We would like to thank our team up north for driving a culture of accountability and leading by example.”