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AES Engineering & Professional Services Group

The Dimond Engineering Academy Advisory Board has a new member from the AES family.  Bud Yocom, AES Director of Engineering, has recently been nominated to serve on the board, comprised of members from Anchorage engineering and trade firms as well as the University of Alaska.

“The Advisory Board is an excellent opportunity to provide real-world input into an educational setting so that our future engineers have a better understanding of how their curriculum and coursework applies to the actual practice of engineering,” Yocom said after his first Advisory Board meeting.  “It is outstanding that the program sponsors understand the importance of bringing in a practical viewpoint into the classroom to better prepare students for their college and future professional experiences.”

The Dimond Engineering Academy is designed to prepare students for a degree and career in engineering. They currently offer six courses in the Project Lead the Way curriculum, and currently have over 200 students enrolled.

AES involvement does not stop with participation on the advisory board. Engineering also hosted Dimond teacher Wade Roach for a six week externship, so he could observe the operation of an active engineering environment, and interact with AES experts in all disciplines of engineering. We have also provided speakers and mentors for UAA’s Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP), and have active members and officers in all major professional engineering associations.

About Engineering & Professional Services Group
The Engineering and Professional Services (EPS) group offers in-depth, multi-discipline engineering and design services with AES’s team of professional engineers, designers, and architects.

AES Marine Support, LLC

AMS is proud to announce that it has passed its State of Alaska Weights & Measures exam.

This annual exam is given to all merchants that dispense fuel for sale to ensure that the volume charged to the customer is actually the volume given to the customer. Accurate and reliable weights and measures protect buyers and sellers in virtually all sales of goods in the United States, including Alaska.

While perfection is not needed to pass the exam as a variance range is allowed under the law, AMS recorded a variance of 0.0000. This marks the second year in a row that AMS has achieved this mark. AMS employees James Bond and Marshall Blankenship received high compliments from the inspector for professionally compiling and laying out the pre-inspection paperwork as well as arranging for a fuel truck to be on scene to quickly facilitate the recovery of the fuel used during the test.

About AES Marine Support
Located on the Kenai Peninsula, AMS provides year-round specialized terminal and marine services to operators in the Cook Inlet region of Alaska.

AES Omega, LLC

On February 27, 2016 ASRC Energy Services Omega, LLC held its annual Years of Service Awards Banquet in New Iberia, Louisiana.

The following employees were honored for their years of service:


About AES Omega, LLC
ASRC Energy Services Omega, LLC (Omega) is a full-service domestic and international fabrication and construction contractor for the global energy, offshore and onshore oil and gas, refining, utility, and manufacturing industries.